Covid 19 India: Amazon-Flipkart stopped delivery of smartphones, relief in these areas


E-commerce companies like Amazon and Flipkart have stopped the delivery of non-essential items due to Corona's growing transition in the country. E-commerce companies have taken this decision following the government's guidelines. Amazon has put a banner on its home page which says that only essential goods are being delivered.

It is written on Amazon's banner, "As per the new guidelines of the government, we are currently taking orders for only essential items. Delivery may also be delayed. ' However, Flipkart has not put any such banner.

There is also some relaxation in the guidelines issued regarding the e-commerce site and it depends on your locality. For example, if your state government and the local administration have given permission for the delivery of non-essential goods, then there will be delivery. You can check this by entering your PIN code on Amazon or Flipkart. Along with changing the PIN code, the banner on the home page is also disappearing.

To check this, we investigated if the delivery of the smartphone is not happening in Noida while it is happening in Jamshedpur. In this case, it depends on your existing PIN code whether there will be delivered or not. The delivery of essential and medical goods is common in all areas.