Clarification of WhatsApp: Private chat will be safe, change only for a business account


After being gritty about the new policy, Facebook-owned WhatsApp has given its clarification. WhatsApp has said about the new privacy policy that it will not affect personal chatting with friends and family. The new policy is only for business accounts. WhatsApp tweeted that users' chats are completely secure with end-to-end encryption as before.

WhatsApp said in the tweet, "We want to remove the rumors 100 percent and at the same time tell that we will continue to protect your private messages with end-to-end encryption. Updates to the privacy policy can be done by your friends or Communication with the family will not be affected. "

What did WhatsApp say in its explanation?

WhatsApp has also shared a link to his blog with the tweet. Regarding the controversy over the new policy, WhatsApp says that it is only for business accounts. Private chat will not affect this. It has been clearly written in the blog that the parent company of WhatsApp will not read Facebook users' chats nor will the contact list of users be shared with Facebook.

WhatsApp does not read your private messages and does not listen to calls nor allow Facebook to do so.

WhatsApp does not store the history of your messages and calls.

WhatsApp does not see the location you share nor share with Facebook.

WhatsApp does not share your contact list with Facebook.

The WhatsApp group is still completely private.

You can set the message to be automatically deleted.

You can download your WhatsApp data.

Questions arising even after cleaning WhatsApp

WhatsApp says that its new policy will not affect private chat, so why is the policy mandatory for all users?

According to WhatsF, if only the chat of a business account will be shared with Facebook, will this rule apply to both businesses to business and business to a private account.

When WhatsApp will read the chat from the business account and share it with Facebook, what is the guarantee that it will not read the private chat, because the company has already taken the access. Users have also been persuaded about the terms of service.