CES 2021: Independence from frequent battery replacement of remote, Samsung did wonders


It does not take long for the battery on the television remote to malfunction. The new battery is the only option for the remote to function properly. This increases the cost and collects garbage. But South Korea company Samsung has found an easy solution.

Samsung has introduced a remote that will be powered by solar energy. The interesting thing is that the remote window-doors will be charged only by the sunlight coming inside the house. This will not only get rid of the hassle of changing the battery but will also control pollution. According to Samsung, a total of 31 percent plastic is used in this remote, of which 24 percent of plastic is made of recycled plastic.

The South Korean company has announced the construction of the solar remote as part of its 'Going Green' scheme. The name of the new TV remote is being called 'Solar Cell Remote Control'. A small solar panel has been installed in it, which will be able to be charged with solar energy inside and outside the house. This new remote of the company will help in preventing the waste generated by about 9.9 million batteries in 7 years.

The company will equip most TVs with eco-friendly devices by the end of 2021

The manufacturer will expand its eco-friendly plans by recycling plastic bottles for most television sets to be launched in 2021. Also, a solar remote can be found with Samsung TV launching this year.