careful! Do not update Mi A3, your smartphone will be spoiled


If you also have Xiaomi's Mi A3 smartphone then this news is very important for you. Xiaomi has released a new update for the Mi A3, but there is a bug in this update that is causing people to get spoiled phones. Many people have complained in this regard. After receiving complaints, Xiaomi has now stopped the Android 11 update of the Mi A3.

What was in the new update of Mi A3?

Xiaomi released an Android 11 update for the Mi A3 that included features such as improved audio experience, better Do Not Disturb, but after the update, many users have complained about social media that their phone was full after the update The way is closed.

It is being claimed that even after connecting to the computer, the phone is unable to turn on. Such problems are called Bricking in technical language. Not only India, but users of many countries of the world have been affected due to this bug.

One user tagging Xiaomi India has said, 'My Mi A3 phone is dead after downloading the update. I went to the service center, but they too could not fix the phone. ' Many people have run a campaign on about complaints that either the company fixes this bug or gives a new phone.

Promise to fix the bug

Xiaomi has said that he has received information about this bug and a team is working to fix this bug. Also, the update has been stopped at the moment. Soon a solution will be found, although it is not yet clear how the company will solve the people whose phone has been switched off.