Big update coming in Google Maps, red light information will be available on mobile


In the high-tech world of this smartphone, hardly anyone will ask anyone the way. Nowadays everyone has a smartphone and all smartphones have a mapping app. If you have an Android phone, then it will have Google Maps and Apple's iPhone, then you will also get Apple Maps.

Seeing the needs of people, companies like Google and Apple are constantly updating their mapping app and releasing features as per the needs of the people. In this link, a big feature is coming in Google Maps. Google Maps will now also inform people about the traffic signal.

In other words, the way Google tells you about the traffic jam in the present time, similarly the traffic signal is soon red or green will also give information about it. This feature is currently testing in Google Maps. It will be released globally after the testing is complete.

After the traffic signal updates in Google Maps, you will see the traffic light icon in the Google Map. You will also see the color of the traffic light in the icon. The biggest advantage of this will be that you will already be able to know about the nearby route, where the red signal is currently, and where the green is. Significantly, Apple has already released this feature with the iOS 13 update.