Big disruption in Qualcomm's processor, the threat of hacking on more than 300 million mobiles


Usually, there is no report of a bug in any processor or chip, but this time there is news of a bug in Qualcomm's chip. Due to this bug, there is a risk of security on about 300 million Android smartphones worldwide. A Singapore agency has given information about this.

Security agency Check Point has stated in its report that there is a bug in the digital signal processor i.e. DSP in the processor of Snapdragon. This bug is capable of installing spyware (spy software) on Android phones.

Due to this bug, crores of phones from Google, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, and OnePlus have been targeted by hackers. According to Google's report, as of April 2019, there are 2.5 billion active Android phones all over the world.

The report says that by taking advantage of this bug, hackers can install spyware on the user's phone. Once the spyware is installed on the phone, hackers can remotely obtain information about calling, contact list, photos, location, and microphone data.

Qualcomm also came to know about this bug and the work of fixing it has been given to the team concerned. Qualcomm has also informed vendors about this bug to vendors like Xiaomi, LG, Google, and Samsung. This bug will be fixed through an update, which has no information about its release yet.