Battery-powered salvation masks will give complete freedom from suffocation, there will be no need to repeatedly remove from the face


The doctors of the capital Delhi will no longer have to face the hassle of wearing masks continuously during long duty. The Delhi government has given him a trial to use a 'salvation mask' that runs on batteries. It enters clean air from one side and polluted air from the other side.

Mask manufacturers have claimed that even wearing this mask for a long time does not make people feel suffocated (the problem of cleansing) because it keeps the clean air entering continuously. There is an N-95 filter on both the ends of the mask so that viruses do not enter inside it and the person is protected from infection with a serious disease like a corona.

Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain on Wednesday distributed 250 masks to the doctors of the major hospitals of the capital and asked them to express their opinion about it. If the team of doctors is satisfied with the features of the mask then it can be made available to all health experts, doctors.

Piyush Aggarwal, the creator of Moksha Mask, has claimed that after wearing this mask, people will get freedom from the problem of repeatedly removing and offering masks. He said that after wearing a normal mask, carbon dioxide cannot come out of it, due to which people try to get clean air by repeatedly lifting it up.

But even while wearing the salvation mask, clean air keeps coming in from the other side, due to which it does not have to be removed from the mouth repeatedly. They have claimed to be very effective in avoiding pollution and infection of diseases like corona.