Apple takes big action on China's gaming industry, removes 30,000 apps from the iOS store


Apple has removed more than 30 thousand apps from the Chinese store.

China's mobile gaming industry (Gaming Industry in China) has received a major setback from the smartphone manufacturer Apple Inc. On Saturday, a research firm said that Apple has removed about 30,000 apps from its Chinese store. These apps must get a license from the Chinese government.

Apple Inc. on Saturday removed more than 29,800 apps from the Chinese App Store (iOS Store in China), of which more than 26 thousand apps are for gaming. A research firm in China Qimai has given information about this in one of its reports. Apple has taken this action regarding unlicensed apps by the Chinese authority. However, no information has been received from Apple on this matter so far. In February this year, Apple had given a deadline to publishers till June to inform them about the license number issued from the local government so that users can get the facility of In-App Purchase. China's Android App Store follows these regulations long ago. However, it is not yet clear why Apple has become strict for compliance this year.

Last month, two and a half thousand apps were removed in

The first week of July, this smartphone maker company had taken over 2,500 titles from its app store. The list of these apps also included gaming apps from developers like Zynga and Supercell. During this, the research firm Sensor Tower gave information about this in a report.

Gaming Industry

For a long time, the Chinese government has been insisting on enforcing strict regulations on the Gaming Industry in China so that sensitive information and content can be curbed. The approval process of gaming apps which provide in-app purchase is very complex. This is why the problem has arisen for China's gaming app developers. Let us know that the world's largest game developers' industry exists in China.

Problems for small and medium scale developers

A media report quoting the marketing manager of Apple China has written that small and medium level developers will be affected the most by this action. Their earnings will be less. But now the iOS game industry in China is also being harmed by the complexities of obtaining a business license.

Apple deadline till June 30

As per Qimai's report, in February 2020, Apple updated a message on the backstage review page of its App Store. It was told in this message that under Chinese law, it is mandatory to get these apps licensed from 'General A Administration of Press and Publishing House'. Keeping this in mind, you should make this license available by June 30, 2020. The approval number of all existing applications is mandatory in Mainland China.