Apple has stepped into the world of 5G phones for the first time by launching iPhone 12


The Apple company has launched the iPhone 12 as the biggest feature of 5G technology. In India, where Reliance Jio is working on 5G technology. In the US, companies like AT&T and Verizon are calling it life-changing technology. This technology will give us a very high-speed data transfer network.

Limited use of 5G phones fast network access time

For example, a 1-gigabyte movie will be able to be downloaded from the 5G data network in 1 second. However, 5G technology is not available in most places. In such a situation, using a 4G data network in Apple's 5G phone will be the only option for the users.

New Requirements: Limited Use

5G technology can be highly effective with limited use in telemedicine, the Internet of things, and self-driving cars. 5G technology can be used for the benefit of society and human beings in fixed but limited places.

technical issues

5G technology means a fifth-generation cellular network. It is also called a millimeter-wave. Because it uses a small wavelength. Due to this, data transfer happens very fast but recent tests have also shown some drawbacks. As such, its signals are going far shorter than the existing 4G. For example, if the tower of the 5G network is installed in the park, then only that area will be networked. If there are buildings nearby then the millimeter-wave does not go near them. Similarly, tree walls and other creations are becoming obstacles in it.

Solution and advantage

Various telecom companies can provide an alternative format of 5G to users as a solution to eliminating latency at low speeds. In this, the data transfer speed will be around 20 percent faster than 4G. The biggest feature is to eliminate latency ie delay during data transfer. Because of this, if we search for any information on an Internet search engine, then it takes a few seconds to get results. 5G technology will eliminate this delay. Apple's iPhone-12 may prove useful in this.