Anger in social media over farmers' performance, trend on Twitter 'Delhi Police lath bajao'


On 26 January 1950, our country was a republic, and on 26 January 2021, there was a ruckus in the national capital that internet services had to be stopped, metro stations had to be closed, a large number of police forces had to be prepared and the Union Home Ministry had to control the situation. A high-level meeting was called. Let's know what social media thinks about this.

Social media is the easiest platform to know what is happening in the country and what is the aspect of the people of the country. Regarding the demonstration of farmers in Delhi, the people of the country told on social media what they think about it. The trending hashtag 'Delhi Police Lath Banjo' is trending on Twitter clearly shows what is the attitude of the people of the country.

This hashtag trended on Twitter shortly after the performance. So far 2.6 lakh tweets have been done with this hashtag. In these, people are raising their voices in support of the Delhi Police and against those who spread chaos. Some are demanding to order a shoot at sight, while many are refusing to accept them as farmers.

A user named Vijay Salgaonkar wrote, 'What kind of performance is this? Damaging public property, breaking the law, insulting the national flag, assaulting government employees (police) for their own safety. Shameful. ' At the same time, another user Amit Kumar wrote that these are not farmers.

Another user Deepak shared a picture of a protester climbing over barricades with a sword in the hands of a farmer, writing, 'New ninja technology has come to the market'. On the other hand, Shreejita Banerjee wrote in the tweet, 'Enough happened !! Assault, with police personnel (female). Throwing stones all over, spreading chaos on 26 January! Play Delhi Police Lath.

Another user Akanksha Mishra Bhandari shared two photos. In one of the pictures, a farmer is standing in his field with a tricolor in his hand. In the second picture, people are seen performing at the Red Fort. He described the first picture as India's real farmer and protesters as Khalistani.