Amazing update in WhatsApp, can easily stop the unwanted message of an unwanted person


WhatsApp has released a very useful feature after a long wait. The new update of WhatsApp has got a feather for Always Mute. Through this feature, you can forever mute those who bother you by sending unnecessary messages. WhatsApp will always work on both the mute feature group and a particular number.

Earlier there were three options of 8 Hours, 1 Week, and 1 Year.

So far, there were only three options for muting on WhatsApp. You could have muted someone for eight hours, or for a week or a year, but now you will have the option of always muted. In the new update, you will get 8 Hours, 1 Week, and Always Mute options. The company has removed the 1 Year option. The new feature has been released for all users. To get the Always muted feature you have to update your WhatsApp.

How to set Always mute?

If you also want to mute a group or a particular number forever, first go to that group or number for messaging. Now click on the number or name. Here at the top, you will find the option of mute under Media, Lynx Docs, Start Massage, and Chat Search, after clicking on it you will get 8 Hours, 1 Week, and Always Mute options. From there you can choose the option of always mute at your convenience.

Expiring media features

Just last month, a report came in which said that WhatsApp is working on a feature after which WhatsApp messages will be automatically deleted. WhatsApp has named this feature Expiring Media.

Media messages such as images, videos, and GIFs will be deleted once the sending media feature closes after the expiring media feature rolls out. This feature of WhatsApp is a part of the expiring message.