Amazing luck: Mouth wash ordered from Amazon, delivered 13000 rupees smartphone


Think, if you order something worth Rs 50-100 online and a Rs 13,000 smartphone is delivered to your home, then you will also say wow, what is the cost but if the receiver with the package is of someone else, then maybe you will also be able to return it. Will think of A similar case that has happened in Mumbai. A user named Lokesh Daga ordered a mouth wash from Amazon, but he has been delivered with the Redmi Note 10.

Lokesh has tweeted this information and asked Amazon to return the package and deliver it to the real person. Lokesh has tweeted and said that he had ordered from Colgate Mouth Wash Amazon of Rs 396 but he got the Redmi Note 10 delivered with an initial price of Rs 12,499. Lokesh has said in his tweet that products like mouthwash are non-retractable. In such a situation, they cannot even return it through the app, so they have e-mailed.

This tweet of Lokesh has gone viral. Users are making many types of comments. Somebody is saying what luck is. Somebody is saying what is the need to make a return and someone is saying that think of him who has the mouth wash delivered instead of the phone. A user named Bhanu Singh has said that no problem, give me the phone, Lokesh Bhai, I need it. I will send you two types of mouthwash.