Always keep in mind these 5 things while using WhatsApp, never have to bear a loss


Users want to take care of some special things while using the instant messaging app WhatsApp. This will not only save you from heavy losses, but your data will also be safe. It is often seen that some common mistakes are made by WhatsApp users, due to which the users have to suffer heavy losses. In such a situation, users are advised not to repeat these mistakes. Let's know what are the mistakes that WhatsApp users often do.

Never save the number of unknown people

Many times we save the number of cab, delivery boy, or any service person at that time, and forget to delete it later. In such a situation, that person looks at our status from our profile picture to our status on WhatsApp. In such a situation, our information goes to those people. That is why never save the number of unknown people.

Activate the necessary two-step verification

This is a very important feature of WhatsApp. You have to set a 6-digit PIN through two-step verification. In any new device, this PIN will be required to log in to WhatsApp with your number. Also, this pin can be asked anytime in the middle. In this era of cyber fraud, two-step verification of WhatsApp must be activated.

Do not forward such messages

We have many types of messages coming on WhatsApp. Before forwarding any information or news, make sure that it is not fake news. Also, many fake links are also forwarded in the name of free offers and government schemes. Avoid pushing them further. Also, do not send messages promoting hate speech against any religion or community.

Check your WhatsApp status privacy settings

Whenever you enter a status, do not share it with everyone but only share it with your friends and family members. Because the number of such people is also saved in our phone with whom it is not necessary to share the status.

Turn off auto-backup

WhatsApp has a feature of auto-backup, which puts a backup of your message on Google Drive or iCloud. However, the thing to note is that after reaching the message here, if someone hacks your Google or Apple account, then they may get your chatting hands. Therefore, it would be better to always export the chat and save it in a safe place.