Alexa become a lot smarter, will already tell - what are you going to ask


Two names are most popular in the world of virtual assistants at the moment. First Amazon Alexa and second Google Assistant. Google Assistant is still shopping for you, but Alexa has become much smarter. Amazon Alexa has become so smart now that it will already tell what you are going to ask her. Simply put, Alexa will now understand your mind.

Alexa will guess your next question based on the first question you asked. It will work in the same way as the Google Indic Keyboard. You type a word and in the keyboard suggestion, some words that complete the sentence automatically start showing. Amazon Alexa will also tell you on the same pattern, which question you are going to ask her.

This new feature of Amazon Alexa has been named inferring customers and latent goals. After the update of the new feature, Alexa will guess your next question. In a way, it can also be called a follow-up. After the introduction of this feature, it will be easier to talk to a virtual assistant.

To understand this with an example, if you ask Alexa the question 'Five minutes can be a good start', Alexa will ask you 'Do you want me to set the alarm for five minutes'. This feature of Alexa is based on the discovery model of Amazon.