Alert: This dangerous virus Joker came back, delete these eight apps immediately


Joker malware was entered on Google Play Store in the year 2019. Joker also came on Google Play Store in the year 2020 July and made about 11 apps a victim and now Joker malware is back again. This time Joker has made victims of those categories of apps that were banned last year. Such as cam scanner etc. In July last year, security agency Check Point detected Joker Dropper and Premium Dialer spyware, and this time it has been reported by Quick Heal Security Lab. Quick Heal has detected eight mobile apps on the Play Store that contain the Joker malware. These apps are dangerous for you. In this case, you delete them from your phone. Let's know their names...

Fast Magic SMS

This app is still available on Google Play Store. It was last updated on April 17th. Its interface is slightly different from the normal messaging app. Its size is 30 MB. This messaging app is usually designed for business messaging, but Quick Heal has called this app dangerous for users.

Last year, the government had banned several Chinese apps, including Camscanner. Although CamScanner was a very useful and great app, there was a security risk with it. The free CamScanner app has been released as an alternative to that app, but it also contains Joker malware. If you have this app on your phone then delete it immediately.

Super Message

Predictive intelligence is supported in the Super Message app. Apart from this, the facility of messaging to e-mail is available from this same app. It also has cloud support, but this app is not good for your security.

Element Scanner

This app is specially designed to copy text from any presentation or ppt file or pdf file. Joker malware can also reach your phone through this app.

Go Messages

The interface of the Go Messages app is very similar to that of WhatsApp. To say, it is a text messaging app but through this, you can also send multimedia messages. It supports many types of emoji and gif files.

Travel Wallpapers

This is a wallpaper app. In this, you get wallpapers from mobile to tablet. HD wallpapers are available on this app. By downloading the wallpaper from this app, you can also share it on social media platforms like Facebook.

Super SMS

This app has been designed for messaging as well as backup. This app can back up all types of messages, but according to Quick Heal, this app also contains Joker malware.