AC TIPS : If you want to pay less for air conditioner, then follow these great ways


There is no doubt that the lockdown has provided a valuable opportunity for the members of the household to spend time together. Staying in our homes is no longer our compulsion but the most effective weapon in the war against Coronavirus. Be it work from home or online classes or indoor exercise, our entire world is now confined to homes. The changing climate and rising heat have made the need to make our home environment comfortable and control the room temperature more important than ever. In such a situation, both the use of air conditioners and the consumption of electricity have increased due to staying at home all day. In such a situation, it is important to know about the consumption of electricity while buying an air conditioner. Apart from this, there are many other things by adopting which you can reduce the electricity bill. Let's know about them...

temperature level

Some people believe that the lower the temperature of the air conditioner, the cooler you will get. But this is not entirely correct. In the pursuit of cooling down as quickly as possible, people are often seen doing excesses on the air conditioner. Most people set the air conditioner to a minimum temperature, such as 18 ° C, as soon as the temperature of the indoor environment rises. They feel that by doing this the air conditioner will cool down the room instantly. This method of cooling the room quickly is not effective. According to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, the average temperature of an air conditioner is 24 degrees Celsius. This temperature is also right and comfortable for the human body. Not only this, according to research, every single degree of temperature raised in the air conditioner also saves about 6 percent electricity. In such a situation, to cut the electricity bill, keep the average temperature of the air conditioner 24 ° C instead of 18 ° C.

More stars mean more savings

The air conditioner with a 5-star rating cools your room in the most efficient way possible. Along with dissipating cooling quickly, the 5-star air conditioner also reduces power consumption.

Get into the habit of setting a timer

If there is a timer facility in your air conditioner, then its proper use will be very beneficial. Can be set to turn on/off the air conditioner with a timer. This feature not only automatically turns on or off the air conditioner during sleep but also saves electricity as compared to normal usage. Getting used to this feature will help keep your bills low in the long run.

Care is also very important

Adopt a 'door-locked policy' and reduce power consumption. Close doors and windows and keep them covered with curtains. By doing this, the cooling of the room will also not be reduced, the conditioner will also cool the room faster and effectively and there will be no unnecessary burden on the air conditioner machine. With this, the air conditioner will last for less time and the electricity bill will also come down. Using the air conditioner responsibly will keep the machine fit while giving better coolness and it will last you a long time.

To keep the room cool then choose a smart air conditioner

The smart air conditioner maintains a perfect balance between coolness and airflow. The smart air conditioner monitors the movement of people inside the room and automatically adjusts its system to suit their movement. These smart air conditioners keep changing their method by understanding the cooling requirements and also reduce the power consumption.

Regular servicing is the key to saving electricity

Maintaining regular service keeps the air conditioner in good condition along with providing better cooling. There are also air conditioners available in the market that automatically clean the dust and frost inside the machine from time to time and give fresh, cool, and odor-free air. Such a feature helps the air conditioner to deliver balanced cooling for a longer period of time. At the same time, it also saves the cost of frequent service and also increases the life of the air conditioner. By adopting these methods, you can enjoy summer and lockdown in a very comfortable and cool environment at home, without worrying about your electricity bill.