A bike or a car may be sanitized this is dangerous for life, see what happened to this person


While many businesses have closed due to the epidemic, some new types of businesses have also started. Recently, the government had decided that vehicles at petrol pumps and CNG stations would be disinfected. Here people have started the task of disinfecting the vehicles at the private level. But this business can also be a threat to life, not only the person who is disinfecting but also the vehicle owner can be a victim of this ...

Question on sanitization process

Government agencies are sanitizing cars and bikes in the scorching heat to prevent the epidemic. But an incident came to light that has questioned the process of how safe it is. You may have read the news of a fire caused by a sanitizer in cars due to the heat, but in it a person arrives on his bike and as soon as the sanitizer spray is sprayed on his bike, the bike is surrounded by flames.

Fireball bike

In the video, a person is going viral, Bajaj is sitting on a motorcycle, and is waiting for his turn. A scooty stands ahead of him, which is being sanitized. She then moves to Scooty. But as this bike rider's motorcycle starts to get sanitized, as soon as the sanitized material is sprinkled on the hot engine in the hot heat, a sudden fire erupts.

Avoid alcohol-based sanitizers

It is clearly visible in the video that the person doing the sanitizing was doing his work under the guidelines. Sanitizes the bike exactly as Scooty did. But Scooty has an engine cover, so he could not catch fire. But the engine of the bike is out and the bike was started, which immediately caught fire.

This means that it is not advisable to use alcohol-based sanitizers on hot things. Perhaps the person doing the sanitization was not aware of this. The fire extinguisher kept nearby was also not working. Security guards tried to extinguish the fire, but it did not fire. Keep in mind that do not leave alcohol-based sanitizers in your car like this, it can be dangerous.