5.3 lakh subscribers of telephone decreased in rural India, but total internet consumption increased


In the Corona era, there has been an increase in the number of smartphone and internet users across the country. But in the meanwhile, in August, 5.3 lakh telephone subscribers have decreased in rural India. These include a decrease in customers from both smartphones and landlines. With this, the teledensity in rural India has gone up to 59.06 percent, while the teledensity of the cities has gone up to 138.17 percent. This difference of teledensity in urban and rural areas also underlines the nature of economic development between them.

Increased customers in urban areas

In the Corona era, there has been a rapid increase in the customers of Smartphone and Internet services in the cities, due to the availability of online education for the children and the companies allowing their employees to work from home. According to the Telephone Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), the total number of telephone subscribers in the country has increased from 116.4 million in July to 116.781 crores (an increase of 0.68 percent) in August.

With this, the teledensity of cities has been 138.17 percent. There has been an increase in smartphone customers as well as landline phone customers in the cities. In terms of the whole country, there has been a growth of 0.33 percent in total customers.

Wireless services also decrease

There has been an increase in wireless services across the country. The number of users of phone-internet services through wireless has increased from 114.41 crores to 114.79 crores in August. But at the same time, this has also decreased in rural India. In August, instead of 52.35 crore rural customers, 52.29 crore customers are left.

But the increase in total consumption

Even after the decrease in total subscriber numbers, there has been good progress in rural India in terms of internet consumption. Rural India used to consume about 40 percent of the internet before the Corona period, which has now increased to 45 percent. This consumption is also projected to increase in the next year. In rural India, during the Corona period, Internet services grew at a faster rate of 30 percent compared to about 15 percent in cities.