4G speed is not available even after getting network, so do this setting immediately


Nowadays all smartphones are coming with 4G support, but many people are upset with the network problem. The situation of 4G network is fine in cities but still very bad in the village. Whether the network is 3G or 4G, if the internet speed is good then there is no problem, but the lack of speed on the 4G network makes it very annoying because sometimes the necessary work is also stalled due to it. So let us show today how to increase the speed of the 4G network in Android smartphones.

If fiber cable is used in place of copper cable in your area then the network will be good and speed will also be available. The speed of Jio is better than that of Airtel.

If your internet is running slow then first check the settings of the phone. In phone, settings go to network settings and select the preferred type of network as 4G or LTE.

Also check the Access Point Network (APN) setting in the network settings, as it is necessary to have the correct APN for speed. Go to the menu of APN Settings and set the setting by default.

Apart from this, keep an eye on the social media presence on the phone. Apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram reduce speed and consume more data as well. Turn off Auto-Play Video by going to their settings. Also, set the phone's browser to data save mode.