Yuzvendra Chahal: You will be surprised to know about the net worth of Yuzvendra Chahal!


Team India's leg spinner Yuzvendra Chahal is celebrating his 31st birthday today, July 23. On this special occasion, many fans and their friends are wishing him a birthday through social media and are also sending lots of best wishes. By the way, Yuzvendra Chahal has made a special place in the Indian cricket team in the present time and now he has also made his wealth based on his excellent performance in the Indian team.

It is believed that Yuzvendra Chahal has assets worth more than 10 crores at this time and a large part of this huge wealth for Yuzvendra Chahal comes from cricket.

Chahal earns around Rs 10-12 crores annually. Chahal comes in Grade B of the Indian cricket team and in this grade, he gets about 40 million from the BCCI side of the year.