Yuvraj Singh & Kohli angry with the rhetoric against Pant, they have given such instructions to  Shastri


Rishabh Pant is the target of everyone at this time due to his poor performance and constant opportunities. This player has got so many opportunities at number 4, yet this player is constantly flopping. Many former players are constantly warning them to improve his performance. But still, there is no improvement in the performance of this player.

But former India veteran cricketer Yuvraj Singh is seen supporting Rishabh Pant. Yuvraj Singh Pant is very angry with the news that is being made and the statements are being made. Yuvraj Singh has been angry at the Indian team and said that there is no need to put pressure on Rishabh Pant in this way.

Yuvraj Singh further said that if Pant is under pressure in this way, then he will never be able to perform his best. The team and the management will have to understand Pant's way of thinking and work closely with him.

Yuvraj Singh while talking further said that it takes time to become a great player like Dhoni. There is still 1 year left in the World Cup, so Pant should not be pressurized in this way. If such pressure continues on them, they will never be able to perform at their best. Suppose they are being given a chance again and again, but only if they give them a chance, a result will emerge.

Apart from this, Yuvraj Singh said in his interview that Pant is a very talented player but he needs the support of his coach and captain. Negotiations about Pant will have to be reduced so that pressure can be removed from them. He has to give complete relaxation to how Pant's mentality is and how he wants to play.