Women speed chess tournament: Indian challenge ends with the defeat of Hampi and Harika


The Indian challenge also ended in the third leg of the FIDE Women's Speed ​​Chess Championship Grand Prix on Thursday after losing in the quarterfinals to world number two Koneru Hampi and D'Harika.

Hampi could not match Russia's Alexandra Kosteniyuk and were defeated 2–9. At the same time, Harika was defeated by world's number one player Hou Yifan of China 7-3 in the last eight games.

Now Hampi and Harika will take part in the fourth and final phase of the championship starting July 15.

At the same time, R Vaishali, another Indian, finished her campaign with seven points which reached the semi-finals in the first phase, by quarter in the second and lost in the third round to Hampi in the opening round.