Who will break Sachin's record of 100 centuries, no. 1 will surprise you...


4. Rohit Sharma:

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Let me tell you that Rohit Sharma has become the only batsman to score 5 centuries in a version of the World Cup. He was the first Indian player to score a century in both innings of the debut test as an opener. Now in T20 cricket the sweat of the opposing teams is getting rid of. He has scored 37 centuries in international cricket.

3. Babar Azam:

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Babar Azam is an excellent batsman. His batting technique is strong. They have the freedom to do something under pressure. He can also break the record of 100 centuries of Sachin.

2. Virat Kohli:

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Indian team captain Virat Kohli has scored 69 centuries in international cricket.

1. Shubman Gill:

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Shubman Gill, who rains runs in domestic cricket, can shatter any record. Now what do you say about this article