Who have Weak heart please stay away, This dangerous game is played with bees in China


The basic motive of the game is physical elation, agility, and mindfulness workout. People have been resorting to sports for centuries to keep themselves fit, for social development and entertainment, but if we tell you that playing sports can also kill you, what would you think?

Actually, such dangerous games are played in many parts of the world, in which every moment is a risk of life. Today we are going to tell you about one such game, see the next slide…

Competitive Bee Wearing

A bee bite causes the soul of a human to suffer, but in this game played in China, the winner becomes the one who suffers the most bee stings or who has the most flies in his body.

What are the rules of the game

With half pants, eyeglasses, and nose plugs, the participants are left among the bees for about an hour. So far no one has broken the record of pasting 39.5 kg bee body by an American in this game. Imagine what will happen when millions of bees attack you.