'Washington Sundar' can hear only with one ear, there is also a funny story behind the name


The way Washington Sundar made his Test debut against Australia in Brisbane with a great game with ball and bat has made him an overnight star. While Sundar took his first Test wicket in the form of Steve Smith, batting on Gabba's dangerous pitch, he won everyone's heart by scoring a half-century.

Sundar was not part of the Test squad before but Ravichandran Ashwin's injury in the third Test and then the adverse conditions in the last Test gave him the opportunity to make his debut. The story of the beginning of Sundar's Test career is as funny as his life story is also interesting.

Sundar, who is making noise from his game, cannot hear with one ear, which he himself mentioned in an interview. However, he never let his weakness come between his dreams and always took advantage of the opportunity.

Another interesting thing in the life of this Tamil Nadu player is its name- Washington. On hearing his name, people feel that he has some connection with America or his father likes this city very much. However, there is nothing like this.

Washington Sundar's father, M. Sundar, was exposed to this secret while talking to a newspaper. He had said, 'I come from a Hindu family. A short distance away from my house used to be former soldiers, who were very fond of cricket. He used to come to Marina Ground to watch our game. His name was PD Washington and for this reason, he named his son Washington.

In fact, Sundar's father was very poor in childhood, during which Washington used to bring school clothes, books for him. PD Washington also paid his fees. M. Sundar said that there was a very deep relationship between the two. When he was selected among the Ranji probables, he was the happiest person.

After this M. Sundar said that his wife had some problems during delivery, but the child survived. He said, 'According to Hindu custom, I called the name of God' Srinivasan 'in his ear, but later I decided that I would name my son Washington. It is in memory of the person who has done so much for me.