Very few people know these 5 secrets of Pakistan Cricketer Babar Azam's life, you will be surprised to know


Babar Azam is counted as the most talented player of Pakistan cricket. He has proved his performance in ODIs and T20 cricket so far. Today we are going to introduce you to unheard stories of Babar's life.

1. Started playing Cricket from Lahore

Babar Azam was born on 15 October 1994 in Lahore. Babar started playing cricket only at the age of 7.

With this, he soon became a part of Pakistan's junior team.

2. Kamran Akmal and Omar Akmal are cousin brothers of Babar Azam

There has always been a cricket atmosphere in Babar Azam's family. His cousins ​​are Kamran Akmal and Omar Akmal who have played international cricket for Pakistan.

3. Under-19 team captained

Babar Azam captained Pakistan in the Under-19 Cricket Asia Cup 2012. Unmukt Chand took over the captaincy from India during this time.

4. This incident happened between Shoaib Malik and Babar in the debut match only

Babar Azam was badly hurt in his first international T20 match, due to which he was unable to walk. Subsequently, Shoaib Malik worked to take Babur to the pavilion.

5. The dispute between Babur and the TV anchor

A dispute between Babar Azam and Pakistan's sports anchor Zainab Abbas had become the subject of much discussion. Indeed, after Babar Azam scored a century in a match, Zainab tweeted that "Today Pakistani coach Mickey Arthur is very happy with his son Babar's century." Seeing this tweet, Babur became angry and instructed Zainab to write thoughtfully.