Usain Bolt can return from retirement, just safe from breaking the 200m World record a day before.


Jamaican ferret runner Usain Bolt has indicated a return to the track. Bolt said he could withdraw his retirement if his former coach Glenn Mills wanted to. Bolt, an eight-time Olympic winner of the 100-meter and 200-meter world record, told a magazine during an interview that although he had no intention of returning, everything would be possible if the coach said.

The 33-year-old Usain Bolt is an 11-time World Champion who retired in 2017 after the London World Championship. Bolt won the silver medal in the last tournament. Bolt, who recently became a father, said, "If my coach says back then I will not refuse, because I trust my coach very much." I know, if they say we will do it again, I am confident that everything will be possible. '

Noah Liles first broke Bolt's record, then broke the heart

Taking the time of 19.19 seconds, the world record of 200 meters race is recorded in the name of Usain Bolt, who was first broke by Noah Liles of America, but later found out that he was standing 15 meters ahead in the lane. That is, he ran only 185 meters, which he completed in 18.91 seconds. The incident happened on Friday at the Inspiration Games in Florida, where 22-year-old Liles felt he broke the world record, but was heartbroken when he saw the video again.