Unique Tournament: There will be only 5 balls in one over, 25 balls will be powerplay, know about this special The Hundred tournament


There are many types of formats in cricket and each format has its own rules and regulations. These include IPL, T20, One Day, etc. But now The Hundred, the 100-ball format, is all set to start on July 21. The proposed new format of the England and Wales Cricket Board had faced many hurdles due to COVID-19 and other logistical reasons but now it is fully ready.

In the first edition of this tournament, there will be only 5 balls in an over. But the bowler can also bowl ten consecutive balls, but after five balls, the umpire will signal this by raising the white card. A bowler can bowl only 20 balls in the tournament.

In addition, the powerplay will last for 25 balls and the toss will be held at the DJ stand. Only two players will be allowed outside the 20-yard circle during the powerplay. DRS will be used in domestic cricket for the first time in England. At the same time, two runs will be given for no-ball.