Unbreakable Records of cricket world which no player has broken in the last 50 years


Today, we are telling you about some such records of the cricket world, which, despite more than 50 years, no player has been able to break till date.

Highest runs in a series: Australian legend Don Bradman scored 974 runs in a series in 1930. Despite almost 90 years, his record is still unbreakable.

Highest wickets in a series: England bowler Sydney Barnes set a record for taking 49 wickets in a 4-match series in 1914. Despite more than 100 years, no bowler has broken this record of Barnes to date.

Record of taking 19 wickets in a match: In August 1956, the two innings of a Test against Australia together had taken a total of 19 wickets. Despite this record, more than 50 years have passed, but no bowler has taken more wickets in a match than in the gym.