Tokyo Olympics : Six twin pairs included in the pair of 25 siblings, will make a splash in the Tokyo Olympics


Five years ago, in the Rio Olympics, 36 siblings had presented a challenge, then after this, 25 siblings will rock in Tokyo. Six of these pairs are twin siblings. Russian twin sisters Arina and Dina, 22, will battle for a medal in gymnastics. This pair of Averina sisters will play in the Olympics for the first time. The twin pair of brothers Luke and Pat, 26, from Britain, will punch in the boxing ring. This will be Pat's second while Luke's first Olympics. Britain's 28-year-old Adam and Simon Yates' twin brothers will cycling, while 16-year-old twin sisters Jennifer and Jessica will juggle gymnastics. France's twin swimmers, the Tremble sisters, Laura and Charlotte, will compete in the Olympics for the first time.

Two sisters for the first time in America's football team

For the first time in America's football team, two sisters Christie and Sam Mavis will stake a claim in golf and Nelly and Jessica Korda. In the water polo team, Makenzie and Aria Fischer will defend their gold medals won at the Rio Olympics. Swordsmen Kelly and Courtney Hurley will play together for the second time. This pair of sisters have won a bronze medal at the 2012 London Olympics. The brother's Eric and Kavika Shouji will play for the US basketball team for the second time in a row. The American team won the bronze in Rio. In the 25m rapid fire pistol shooting, the brother's Henry and Jackson Leverett will hit the target together.

Porter and Cindy will be face to face again

Britain's Tiffany Porter and Cindy Sember sisters will face each other in a hurdles race. In Rio too, Cember was fourth while Porter was seventh. Williams sisters Jodie and Hannah will run together in the relay. The pair will also compete in the 400m. Mathilda and the Charlotte sisters will make a splash in the rowing team. The Litchfield brothers Max and Joe go down to retrieve the gold from the water.

siblings in hockey

The brother-sister duo of Harry and Hannah Martin will play in the UK hockey teams. This will be Harry's third Olympics while Hannah will challenge for the first time. Sister Emily and brother Tom Ford will try their luck in rowing.

Turkey's Ates and Deniz Sinar will challenge Sailing for the fourth time in a row

The Netherlands' twin Weaver sisters Sane and Laik will perform gymnastics for the second time in a row

New Zealand siblings Trent Thorpe and Ainsley will play in the triathlon

Australia's Campbell sisters Bronte and Kate swim

Croatia's Sim and Mihovil Fantels brothers will be playing together at the Olympics for the first time. This is Sim's fourth Olympic gold medal in sailing in Rio.

Austria's swimming sisters Anna and Irini will play for the second time in a row

Pau and Marc's brothers play together for the third time in Spain's men's basketball team