Tokyo Olympics : PM Suga said – show the world that Japan can host the Games safely


Japan's Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga told sports officials ahead of the Tokyo Olympics to show the world that Japan can host the Olympic Games safely. Thousands of players, officials, staff, and media persons are arriving in Japan in a state of emergency declared amid the Corona epidemic. Competitions will begin on Wednesday when softball and women's football matches will take place.

"The world is surrounded by big problems, so we have to host the Olympics successfully," Suga told a meeting with members of the International Olympic Committee at a five-star hotel here. He said, Japan has to show this to the world, we will take care of the health and safety of the people of Japan.

Japanese PM Suga acknowledged that Japan's journey to the Olympics has slowed down at times, but said the long wait appears to be over once vaccination begins. Health experts in Japan have raised questions about allowing so many foreign visitors during the Olympics. There will be no local or foreign spectators at the Olympics.

IOC President Thomas Bach has been facing protests since arriving here two weeks ago. He said that the games will give a message of peace, solidarity, and harmony. He also said that canceling the Games was never an option.

Praising the hosts, the IOC president said, billions of people around the world will follow and appreciate the Olympic Games.

The Games event will generate over three billion dollars in revenue from broadcasters around the world. It supports the operations of the Switzerland-based IOC. The IOC shares millions of dollars with the 206 national teams and governing bodies of the Olympic Games. Bach said the IOC is contributing $1.7 billion to Tokyo organizers of the Olympics and Paralympics.