Tokyo Olympics : First case of corona infection found in Tokyo sports village, organizers confirmed


There is a constant cloud of crisis hovering over the Tokyo Olympics. Meanwhile, Tokyo Olympics organizers have confirmed that a case of corona infection has been reported in the Sports Village complex. The Maha Kumbh of the Games is to begin on July 23. Many questions have arisen on the organization of the Olympics after the case of Corona in the sports village. However, in view of the Kovid-19 global epidemic, a 6-week corona emergency is in force in Tokyo. If seen in the last few days, the number of corona infections in Tokyo has increased significantly.

Officials said that the person who has tested positive is not a sportsperson. The Games Village was opened a week before the Olympic Games would begin on 23 July. Other officials, including the chair of the organizing committee, Seiko Hashimoto, also confirmed the case and said that the positive case came on Friday.

Organizing committee CEO Toshiro Muto said, "If the test comes back positive in the current situation, then it should be assumed that it is possible." The person was identified as a person related to the Games. He is listed as a non-resident of Japan. Meanwhile, Tokyo officials said he had been sent to 14-day isolation.

This corona case in the Olympic Games Village has come at a time when there are 6 days left for the start of the Games. The Government of Japan has taken all necessary steps to ensure that the effect of Corona in Tokyo is not excessive. But despite this, the number of coronae infected is continuously increasing in the capital. which is a matter of concern. This week, Tokyo had the highest number of corona cases in the last six months. Earlier, many countries had refused to send their athletes to Tokyo in view of the Corona infection.

On the other hand, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday that the number of deaths increased last week after a decline of nine consecutive weeks. More than 55,000 people lost their lives last week, which is three percent more than the week before. At the same time, the cases of infection increased by about 10 percent i.e. about 30 lakhs last week. Most of these cases came in Brazil, India, Indonesia, and Britain.