Tokyo Olympics: Bhavani Devi, who plays by covered herself from head to toe, is very beautiful, Sword will run in Tokyo Olympics


Bhavani Devi, who plays the sport of fencing from head to toe, is the first Indian swordsman to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics.

Bhavani Devi, who plays the sport of fencing from head to toe, is the first Indian swordsman to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics. CA Bhavani Devi had chosen this sport under compulsion during her school days, as she had no other option but to. The 27-year-old player from Chennai had been practicing for these games in Italy for some time after creating history. (PIC: SAI Media)

Bhavani Devi said, "The school had six sports options including fencing. By the time I was enrolled, all the places in other sports were filled. I had no other option but to choose a fence. It was a game that not many people knew much about and I seriously decided to try my hand at it. "I am glad I did because now I love it." ' (Bhavani Devi/Instagram)

The scope of India's participation in Olympic Games events is gradually increasing and in this episode, a new name was added to the 27-year-old Saber swordsman Bhavani of Chennai. Bhavani is the first swordsman (female or male) from the country, who is participating in the Olympics. Fencing in India has been known as a fighting skill, but it is not so popular as a sport. (Bhavani Devi/Instagram)

Bhavani, currently ranked 42nd in the world rankings, made it to the Olympics after defeating Hungary in the quarterfinals of South Korea in the team event of the Saber Fencing World Cup in Budapest. Players from South Korea got a place in the Olympics according to the team ranking and Bhavani qualified from the official ranking Asia/Oceania zone on the quota reserved for Asia. (Bhavani Devi/Instagram)

Bhavani, the first Indian to win a gold medal in the Commonwealth Fencing Championships, started playing fencing at the age of 11, and that too because she wanted to avoid studies and there is an interesting story about getting into the sport. Everyone in her class had to choose the sports of their choice, but when her number came, no one had written her name in this game. After the beginning of 2004, the attachment to this game gradually increased. (Bhavani Devi/Instagram)

Bhavani won her first international medal at the 2009 Commonwealth Championships by finishing third. She won the silver medal in the individual event at the 2014 Asian Championship, while the next year she won the bronze medal in the same event of the same championship. (Bhavani Devi/Instagram)

Bhavani became the first Indian swordsman to win an international gold medal at the Women's World Cup in 2017. In 2018, she won a gold medal at the Senior Commonwealth Fencing Championship in Australia. She has won many international level medals till now. (Bhavani Devi/Instagram)

Bhavani, an eight-time national champion from a middle-class family, had once decided to give up the sport due to the cost of the sport, as the particular type of suit worn for it was too expensive and her mother even had to sell her jewelry for them. (Bhavani Devi/Instagram)

Fencing was included Olympics in the 1896 Athens Olympics and has been a part of these sports since then. Women's fencing was included in the Paris Olympics in 1924. Women previously competed in the foal, but from the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, they began to compete in the apé and from Athens in 2004 in the saber. (Bhavani Devi/Instagram)