Tokyo Olympics 2021 : Two more athletes become corona positive in sports village, so far three players infected


The confrontation between the Biden administration and Facebook of America over corona vaccination has increased after the Kovid epidemic escalated again in America. Facebook said on Sunday, now the administration should stop pointing fingers at it for the confusion and rumors spread about vaccination.

President told social media guilty

Facebook is not to blame for failing to meet President Joe Biden's vaccination goals. First US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy, then-President Joe Biden accused social media of spreading confusion and mistrust against vaccines.

Facebook Vice President Gay Rogen said in the blog, 85% of our users have had or want to get vaccinated. The President has not even achieved the goal of immunizing 70 percent of Americans by July 4. Rogen said we have stopped the confusion being spread on Kovid-19 and vaccination. According to Rogen, Americans' hesitation to get vaccinated has dropped by 50 percent since April. The entire society has to work together to end the pandemic. Making allegations will not help these efforts.

Vivek Murthy also expressed displeasure

On Friday, Biden said that the epidemic is only among those who have not been vaccinated. People are getting killed because of Facebook. US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy also alleged that very dangerous rumors are being spread through social media. Due to this people are hesitant to get vaccinated and a national crisis is being created. White House Press Secretary JN Saki also said that people are not taking vaccines and are losing their lives due to misinformation spread from social media.

spread claims of changing DNA

There have been many fake claims about vaccines on Facebook. One said the vaccine would change the DNA. Then said that the vaccine on Corona is ineffective. A few months ago, the White House asked Facebook to tell how many people were viewing them or how many people it was reaching. But Facebook did not share this data with the White House.