Tokyo Olympics 2020: You will be shocked to know that only this percentage of gold medals received in the Tokyo Olympics is gold


Sports desk. The Grand Kumbh of the Games is going to start from July 23 this time in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. For this, the players have completed their preparations. India's first contingent will also leave for Tokyo on July 17.

Every athlete dreams of winning gold in the Olympics. Today we are going to give you information about the gold medals won by the players in the Tokyo Olympics. You will be surprised to know that the medals that will be given to the players as winners in the Maha Kumbh of the Games will have a very small amount of gold. It must have actually been made of silver.

In this gold medal of 556 grams, only 6 grams of gold have been plated. That is, silver will have a greater share in the gold medals received by the players. According to the current guidelines of the International Olympic Association, a gold medal must contain at least 6 grams of gold. It is said that the last time athletes were awarded real gold medals was in the Stockholm Olympics in 1912.