These 24 players, including Virat, have got tickets to go to ENGLAND! Click here to know more


Indian selectors have selected the players who can be sent for the tour of England. A total of 24 players have been selected by the BCCI and 4 players have gone on standby. They have got a ticket to go to England but the big question is who will go among them.

Because of Corona, the BCCI has now issued a new decree. The BCCI has said that if a player's corona test positive comes to Mumbai, then they should consider themselves out of this tour.

Physician Yogesh Parmar of the Indian team has asked the players to isolate themselves before reaching Mumbai. The players, their family, and staff going to England will undergo an RT-PCR test before checking in at the hotel in Mumbai.

For the tour of England, the Indian team will go on June 2, where they have to play the final of the World Test Championship and then play a 5-Test series from England but now the BCCI has clarified that if someone's corona test comes positive then he should consider himself out of a tour of England as the BCCI is not going to provide a charter plane to anyone. The players have been given the option of air and car to reach Mumbai from home.

The BCCI has also asked the team members to take the first dose of COVISHIELD after which the second dose of the vaccine will be given to them in England. In England, they will be given the second dose of AstraZeneca, which is a version of Covishield.