The President of Pakistan gave the title of Flying Sikh to Milkha!


Even though the great Indian sprinter Milkha Singh is no more in this world, but he will always remain in the hearts of the countrymen. Milkha Singh has left this world leaving many memories.

Milkha Singh passed away on Friday night at the age of 91. Today we are going to give you information related to Milkha Singh and Major Abdul Khaliq of Pakistan, who was one of the fastest runners in the world.

When Pak sprinter Abdul Khaliq was taken prisoner to Meerut jail in the 1965 Indo-Pak war, he expressed his desire to meet Milkha Singh.

After this, Milkha Singh, who had won many medals for the country, reached Meerut Jail to meet him. During this, Milkha Singh and Abdul Khaliq cried a lot by hugging each other.

Khalid was a tough opponent of Milkha Singh. Later in Lahore, Milkha Singh defeated the great Pakistani sprinter Khaliq in 200 meters race. After this, the then President of Pakistan, General Ayub, gave the title of Flying Sikh to Milkha Singh.