The goat gave birth to a child who looks like a human, see the interesting photos


Chaksu.News of the birth of children looking strange to animals has come to light. Recently a unique case has come up in Nimodia village of Chaksu tehsil of Jaipur district. Here a goat has given birth to a strange-looking child like a human. Everyone is surprised after seeing this child.

According to the information, recently a pet goat of Mukesh Prajapat of Nimodia village gave birth to a human-looking child. The child's body is normal. But his eyes and head are very similar to humans and strangely poor. Everyone is surprised to see this child. At the same time, his photo went viral as soon as the photo was shared on social media. The same crowd of watchers has started reaching home.

The same thing now is that this goat child has become the center of attraction in the whole area.

Wonders of Nature'

According to doctors, during pregnancy, such a condition occurs due to not complete the development of the fetus. He said that it can also be called the Wonder of nature. In such a case, most newborns are not able to live beyond 24 hours.