The Fans should Support line judge: Djokovic


Novak Djokovic of Serbia, the world's number one tennis player who was ruled out of the last Grand Slam US Open of the year after hitting a ball on a women's line judge, appealed to his fans to support the judge after the line judge was criticized on social media is.

Djokovic inadvertently hit the ball back during the US Open pre-quarterfinal match that hugged Lora Clarke, the female line judge behind. He was then disqualified from the tournament. Djokovic, however, apologized for this behavior but fans were targeted by the line judge when he was out of the tournament.

Djokovic posted on Instagram saying, "Dear fans, thank you for the positive messages from you guys." But remember that the line judge who got the ball also needs our support. They have done nothing wrong. I appeal to you all to support them at this time. With this we will become stronger and move forward. I am coming to Europe.

It may be noted that Djokovic may have sensationally ended his journey at the US Open, but now he has left behind the previous things and is preparing for the French Open in the French capital of Paris later this month.