Sports News: ICC World Test Championship can have a big impact on the Indian team, know the reason


The International Cricket Council has changed some rules for the ICC World Test Championship which may have an impact on the Indian team. The Indian team has already moved from number one to number two with the ICC changing the rules.

The change in the points system of the ICC World Test Championship may have a poor effect on the Indian cricket team. If the earlier system was not considered, both teams used to distribute points in the match, but now in the new points system, the final match of the World Test Championship will be the team to play the most matches. This is the reason that Team India has now come at number two in the points table.

Ever since the Test Championship circle began, the Indian team has won three out of four-Test series. The team was at the top with 360 points while they were yet to play the two-Test series, but now after changing the rules, Team India may miss the final of the Test Championship to be held in June next year.

India has to play four Tests in Australia and four Tests in India against England. If the Indian team does not win the series in Australia then their chances of reaching the final will be reduced. Whereas till now the Indian team was one of the most prominent contenders for the final.

Supporters of India and BCCI said that it is difficult to say what will happen next, but it is wrong to change the rules in the middle of a two-year circle. People associated with Indian cricket are blaming it on their people, who cleared these changes while being part of the committee and the board.

Former Indian captain and coach Anil Kumble is the chairman of the ICC Cricket Committee. The committee had proposed this change. Former Indian captain and National Cricket Academy (NCA) director Rahul Dravid is also a member of this committee. Former Indian captain and now BCCI president Sourav Ganguly as India's representative on the ICC board, who proposed these changes.

People associated with Indian cricket said what was the need to change the rules in the middle of the championship? Regardless of the reason for changing the rules, how can you change the rules amid the tournament, or why you do not apply these rules in the next tournament. The ICC should have either waited or the new rules would have been introduced in the next session or the final of the Test Championship would have been postponed. This would have given them the chance to have the Test series not held due to Kovid-19.

At the same time, people who joined the committee said that the schedule of the final could not be changed because if it were, the schedule of the next two championships would also be affected. If this is the case that the program could not be changed, then what was the need to change the rules now? Those watching these changes said that if a team was working on its strategies in a two-year circle, how could it bring to its mind that after one year there would be an epidemic that would completely change the points system and This can go against his team.

On the record, no more than four bilateral series have been affected due to Corona and sources said that these series could have been remade. A source associated with the BCCI said that we had told them that this is wrong, the rules cannot be changed in between. How many series have been affected by Corona? three? Four? And which team was affected by it? Generally speaking, the ICC board had no problem approving these new rules, which is true, but the cricket committee should have thought about it. The ICC Board has adopted the correct procedure, but those who do not support these changes say that an Indian-led cricket committee did not give much thought to it.