South Africa needed 9 runs off 36 balls, then came Malinga's action-packed performance


Today, we are telling you about the exciting match in which South Africa needed only 9 runs off 36 balls to win, but Sri Lankan bowler Lasith Malinga, stormy bowling made South African batsmen go off the ground.

This memorable match was seen in the 2007 World Cup. In this match, Sri Lanka had scored 209 runs before, after which South Africa batted brilliantly had also scored 200 runs in 44 overs. The last 36 balls of the match needed only nine runs to win and the match was entirely in favour of South Africa, but after this Malinga had bothered everyone with his bowling.

Malinga took the pavilion to 4 batsmen on 4 consecutive deliveries after bowling, after which it was difficult to make 9 runs for South Africa but in the end, South Africa won the match by completing this goal in 48.3 overs.