So that's why Rohit Sharma plays the first ball of every match


In the second ODI match played in Rajkot, Team India defeated Australia by 36 runs, in the second ODI series of matches India have defeated 1-1, the last match of the series was played on 19 January in Bengaluru, again in which The Indian team won, the Indian cricket team opener Rohit Sharma contributed 119 runs in the third ODI against Australia.

Rohit has been batting openings for India since 2013. Currently, Rohit is one of the best openers in the world. While opening, Rohit likes to play the first ball of the match. You will be surprised knowing the big reason behind this.

Rohit himself has revealed during a television interview why he likes to face the first ball of the match. According to Rohit, this removes the fear inside him. He further said that the fear of getting out on the first ball is the highest.