Shikhar Dhawan is 15 years older than his daughter and 10 years younger than his wife


We all know about the great cricketer Shikhar Dhawan's game. Shikhar Dhawan married Ayesha Mukherjee in the year 2012, tell that their marriage was in the headlines for a long time, the reason for this is that Shikhar was older than his wife. 10 years younger as well as Ayesha also has two daughters.

Ayesha was married before marrying Shikhar Dhawan and has two daughters from her first marriage. Shikhar has adopted Ayesha as well as both of her daughters and treats them like her own daughter, although Ayesha and Shikhar have a son named Zoravar Dhawan.

According to sources, Ayesha was first married to an Australian businessman and their daughters' names are Reya and Alia. Shikhar is 10 years younger than his wife Ayesha, while there is a difference of only 10 years between Ayesha's eldest daughter Aaliya and Shikhar is only 15 years older than Aaliya, but even after this, there is a strong relationship between stepfather and daughter. is. At the same time, Shikhar also gives a lot of love to Ayesha's younger daughter Reya.

In an interview, when he was asked what difficulties he had to face in living with both the children, he said, "It was not difficult at all. Whatever happens by nature, it gets molded in your life. I was destined to have two daughters and they came into my life all of a sudden. It was just like a click. I feel very lucky the way they both love me today."

Shikhar is very close to both his daughters and keeps posting his photos with his children on social media, which is seen bonding with his children, whenever he gets a vacation, he spends time with his family.