Sania Mirza is very excited about the Olympics, said – better preparation could not have been done amid the epidemic


I am very excited about my 4th Olympic Games. Preparations for the Olympic Games have been very good. It couldn't have been better amid a pandemic. It's also been good to play some matches in the last few weeks. Ankita (Raina) also got good practice for a few days. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the Olympic Games are being held. Keeping in mind the health of the athletes, all necessary precautions and covid protocols are being followed.

Full care was taken that there should not be any obstacle in the participation of Indian players in Tokyo 2020. Government-run vaccination drives and bio-bubbles for athletes for Olympic training are part of this process. The government created an environment in which the risk was minimal. It is wonderful in itself. We are all very excited to give our best by participating in the Olympics.

The government is doing a lot to ease the way for athletes

The charter plane to Tokyo is an example of how much the government is doing to make it easier for athletes. There are many restrictions regarding international travel and the situation is not easy right now. The government has provided us with the best infrastructure and support possible so that we can give our best in Tokyo.

Being a mother with an athlete makes things challenging

It was my personal experience to know the role of the government in solving the travel-related problems of athletes. Before going to Wimbledon, I was having trouble getting a visa, but the government intervened at the right time and made my trip easy. If you are an athlete as well as a mother, then things become very challenging for you. The Sports Ministry and the Ministry of External Affairs together ensured the visa of my two-year-old son. That's why he stayed with me on the Europe tour. The government made sure that I could concentrate on my game with a calm mind.

We're going to be in pretty good shape at the Olympics

Now that we're in Tokyo, we're going to be in pretty good shape at the Olympics. We are very good as a team and we know that we have got the support of 1.3 billion Indian fans as well. Indian fans always give us the strength to do our best. I am very happy to be back on the world's biggest sporting stage. It has been a long journey and I will try my best.