Salute to the spirit: the city left to become the second Dipa


Kolkata's gymnast Pratishtha Samanta retired as coach after winning several gold medals at the Khelo India School Games and Junior National Championships. How did the parents realize that the daughter's dream of becoming the second Deepa Karmakar will be fulfilled? The daughter insisted that she had to take coaching from coach Bishweshar Nandi, who made Deepa.

Nandi lives in Agartala and Prestige in Kolkata. The mother has come to Agartala with a sixteen-year-old daughter and is living with a rented house for two and a half thousand rupees. Pratishtha is being trained under the protection of Nandi. Prestige has won four golds at the Khelo India School Games, including the Watering Table.

According to her mother Shubhra Samant, her husband works in a private company in Kolkata. They are happy that Nandi agreed to give coaching to Sir Beti and also got admission. Pratishtha also got support from Deepa. Online classes are currently underway due to Corona.

Are ready for Paris Olympics

The finalist reputation of the 2018 Junior Asian Championships holds Olympic champions America's Simona Biles and Deepa as role models. It is his dream to become like Deepa. Nandi also believes that Pratishtha has taken a big decision to leave Kolkata and move to Agartala. Not every parent does this. Pratishtha is quite talented and is preparing him for the 2024 Paris Olympics.