Ravi Shastri said after crossing every hurdle to be number one, reaching the top of team India in test rankings


India's head coach Ravi Shastri says that the team deserved the status of the number one Test team in the world, as it has achieved this by crossing every hurdle. The annual update of the ICC Test team rankings was released on Thursday. India remains in the first place. India is on top with a total of 121 rating points. Happy with this Shastri tweeted, 'This team has shown unwavering determination and focus to achieve the number 1 crown. This is something that the team has sincerely achieved. The rules changed in the middle, but Team India overcame every obstacle in the way. My team played tough cricket during tough times. Very proud of this cool team. The former India captain has been working as the head coach of the Indian team since 2017. He has got an extension after the 2019 ICC World Cup.

Let us know that India remains in the first place when the annual update of the ICC Test Team Rankings is released on Thursday. India topped the overall tally with a rating point of 121 points. He scored 2914 points in 24 matches. At the same time, New Zealand going to play against India in the World Test Championship final has 120 points. He has a total of 2166 points, including two rating points in his 18 Tests. India beat Australia 2–1 and England 3–1 last year.

Also, New Zealand beat West Indies and Pakistan 2–0. According to ICC, this annual update will add to the 2017-18 results. In this, all the matches played since May 2020 have been rated 100 percent and the matches two years ago have been rated 50 percent. England is third with 109 rating points and Australia is fourth behind them by one point. Pakistan has 94 points and is in fifth place, while the West Indies are in sixth place with 84 points. South Africa is seventh and Sri Lanka is eighth with 80 and 78 points respectively. India and New Zealand will play the first World Test Championship final from 18 to 22 June in Southampton.