President saw his 12-year-old friend in 'mob', he called him on stage


President Ramnath Kovind has set a beautiful example of friendship. In fact, on Sunday, the President attended the 'Platinum Jubilee Festival' of Utkal University in Odisha. Where there was a crowd of spectators. In such a situation, President Kovind, who was present on the stage, saw a 12-year-old friend of his sitting in that crowd, he forgot the protocol to meet!

A friend identified with a white turban

According to the report of Indian Express, the President identified his friend sitting in the crowd with his white turban. He then requested Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan to call his friend on stage after the event was over. When the two met, they hugged each other. We were meeting after a long time, then took some pictures together.

Did 2 years work together

Birbhadra Singh, a friend of President Kovind, was a member of the SC / ST committee in the Rajya Sabha from 2000 to 2006. The President was also a member at that time. The two have worked together for at least 2 years. Former Odisha Rajya Sabha member Birbhadra Singh says that he is meeting the President after 12 years. But his style of the meeting was the same as before. He was very happy with this behavior of the President.