Players participating in the next season of IPL will not be able to play in Pakistan! big reason came


The BCCI usually organizes the IPL in April-May. IPL 2022 is also likely to happen at the same time. The number of teams is also going to increase from 8 to 10. Big cricketers from all over the world are involved in the T20 league. This time mega auction is also to be held.

New Delhi. Everyone is waiting for IPL 2022. Because from the next season of T20 league, 10 teams will land instead of 8. In such a situation, 50 new players will be seen playing in the T20 league. But the players playing in IPL will not be able to play in PSL in the next season. The current season of IPL was postponed to 4 May due to Corona. The remaining 31 matches will be held in the UAE in September-October.

According to the news of Cricinfo, the PCB usually organizes the PSL in February-March. But during this time in 2022, Australia's team tour of Pakistan is proposed. In such a situation, the PCB is looking for the April-May window. But during this time the BCCI organizes the IPL. In such a situation, players playing in IPL will not be able to play in Pakistan. Although the schedule is not finalized yet. Imran Tahir, who plays for Chennai Super Kings, also plays in PSL. Many other cricketers enter

Discussion on the window from December to February The

PCB is also looking at the window from December 25 to February 15 for the 6-team tournament. But during this time players from five countries will continue to play the international series. In such a situation, they will not be able to enter the T20 league. For this reason, the PCB is hesitant about it. The tour of Australia is also important for Pakistan, as the Kangaroo team has not visited Pakistan since 1998-99. International cricket could not take place in Pakistan for many years after the terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan team.

IPL window will also increase

The window of IPL will also increase from next season. 10 teams will land instead of 8. Two groups of 5-5 teams will be formed. Each team will get to play 8-8 league matches. 4 in the house and 4 outside the house. A total of 74 matches will be played instead of 60. In this way, the window will increase. There will also be a mega auction before the season. However, every franchise will be able to retain 4 players. The rest of the players will be auctioned. BCCI started the T20 league in 2008. Since then, all the major countries have started their T20 leagues. But IPL is the biggest cricket league in the world today. BCCI gets revenue of Rs 5 thousand crores from it every season.