Photos: Ravi Shastri went to Argentina to propose tennis player Gabriella, his name also associated with Bollywood actresses


Indian cricket team's head coach Ravi Shastri is celebrating his 59th birthday today. Ravi Shastri was also famous outside the cricket ground. Once he reached Argentina to meet his 'Dream Date'.

New Delhi. What young fans of Ravi Shastri had in the 80s, these young fans would hardly know. When Ravi Shastri was a player, he was no less than a hero. Ravi Shastri's coin used to run not only inside the 70 yards circle. Shastri's name was also associated with some Bollywood actresses at that time. Apart from this, Shastri was also known for his cool style. Once Shastri went to Argentina to propose to tennis player Gabriella. In those days, Gabriella was making a splash in the tennis world. When the scribes arrived in Argentina, Gabriela said who these scribes are. After this news came into the discussion, Ravi Shastri clarified that he had gone to Argentina for some work.

Ravi Shastri's affair with Bollywood actress Amrita Singh is not hidden from anyone. Amrita Singh and Ravi Shastri appeared together on a magazine cover page. It is said that during this photoshoot, both of them gave heart to each other. Not only this, but Amrita Singh also started reaching the cricket stadium. She was seen cheering Ravi Shastri many times. This pair was covered on the pages of the newspaper as soon as they saw it. After dating for some time, both of them also got engaged in the year 1986, but despite this, both of them were not able to get married. After this, in the year 1990, Ravi Shastri married Ritu, and a year after that Amrita Singh made actor Saif Ali Khan her partner. This is how this love story came to an end.

Nimrat Kaur is one of the best actresses of Bollywood today. Today, superhit films like 'Lunch Box' and 'Airlift' are recorded in her account. In the year 2018, it was reported that Nimrat and Ravi Shastri have been dating each other for two years. They first met in 2015 during the car launch of a German car company. However, both of them denied it, calling it a rumor.

Ravi Shastri played 80 Test matches and 150 ODIs for Team India. In his international career, Ravi Shastri scored around 7000 runs and also took 280 wickets in his name. (Photo-AFP)