OMG: This Indian cricketer made 170 in just 34 balls, became the first cricketer in the world to make this record


An Indian cricketer has made a record in T20 cricket which has been far away from the reach of any other player in the world. Subodh Bhati has become the first cricketer in the world to score two double centuries in T20 cricket.

Delhi cricketer Subodh Bhati, playing for the Delhi XI team, scored an unbeaten 205 against the Simba team in the T20 match. Subodh Bhati played this innings in only 79 balls. In this innings, he hit 17 fours and as many sixes. This Delhi batsman had scored 170 runs in only 34 balls through fours and sixes.

Subodh Bhati, 30, has scored a double century in T20 matches in the year 2018. During this, he played a stormy inning of 207 runs in 57 balls with 21 sixes and 13 fours. Sri Lankan cricketer Dhanuka Pathirana has also scored a double century in T20 cricket. Pathirana scored a double century of 277 runs in 72 balls while playing for Austerlands in Lancashire's Saddleworth League in England in 2007.